Vintage radios from 

my collection

(past and present)

EKCO SW86 (UK 1937)

Atwater-Kent 255 (USA 1936)

AWA Radiolette C87 (Aus 1932)

Bell General 5MA 258 (NZ 1958)

Cromwell 7AW (NZ 1936)

Genrad 533 (NZ 1933)

Philips 634A and EKCO SW86 console

Kriesler 11-20 (Aus 1948)

Philco 97E (USA 1935)

Zenith 809A (USA 1935)

Zenith 6-S-341 (USA 1938)

Pilot 193B (USA 1936)

Zenith 6-S-254 (USA 1938)

Crosley Oracle 59 clock radio (USA 1931)

STC-Beale (Aus 1932)

Stromberg-Carlson 56 (Aus 1935)

Skyscraper 5CA (NZ 1934)

Philco 38-9EZ (USA 1938)

Courtenay 84 (NZ 1938)

Gulbransen 5K (USA 1936)

Pacific 205 (NZ 1934)

Troubadour 5H (NZ 1934)

Courtenay 205 (NZ 1934)

Stewart-Warner R130X (USA 1936)

Philco A638 (UK 1938)

Gulbransen 7D (USA 1936)

HMV 471 (UK 1936)

Unknown radio ('Pushbutton Wonder')

Philco 37-620EZ (USA 1937)

Crosley 11-101U (USA 1950)

Stewart-Warner R167 (USA 1936)

Columbus 12 (NZ 1941)

HMV 484P portable (NZ 1948)

Philco 203 'Hippo' (NZ 1951)

Seven Seas (NZ 1935)

Courtenay 94 (NZ 1939)

Telefunken D668WK (Germany, 1957)

STC model 504

STC 504 (Aus 1939)

AKRAD Clipper

Clipper 5M4 (NZ 1954)

Cromwell 7AW

Cromwell 7AW (NZ 1936)

State 6AW

State 6AW (NZ 1936)

Exelrad dial

Exelrad dial (NZ 1935)

Exelrad Air King (NZ 1935)

Exelrad Air King (NZ 1935)

HMV (RCA) T6-1 (USA 1935)

HMV (RCA) T6-1 (USA 1935)

Minuette radio


Moderne A142

Moderne A142 (NZ 1937)

Philco 60E

Philco 60E (USA 1934)

Philips BX373A

Philips BX373A (Holland 1948)

RCA T8-14

RCA T8-14 (USA 1937)

RCA T6-1

RCA T6-1 (USA 1935)

Rogers 960 (USA 1935)

Rogers 960 (USA 1935)

Philips 588A4

Philips 588A4 (UK 1934)

Majestic 463 (USA 1933)

Vintage valve radios are wonderfully nostalgic objects, often beautifully designed.  Many embody Art Deco styling which was revolutionary in the 1930s, and today they are design classics.  They speak of the Jazz Age,  the war years, and post-war modernism.  Their aesthetic appeal is enduring.  A vintage radio will be a point of interest in any room, and they are great gifts which embody recycling and sustainability.


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