Guitar Tube Amps

If you are looking for an authentic tube sound in a classic vintage cabinet, these hand-made, all-valve, point-to-point hand-wired amps should be of interest. 

My amps are built using a vintage radio chassis and cabinet. (No vintage radios were harmed as they were beyond repair anyway).  Each amp is unique.  Some of the amps use different preamp tubes from the usual 12AX7.  Each valve has been carefully biased for optimal tone.

Why do tube amps sound different from solid state amps? 

Why use 'unusual' valves?

All my amps carry a 3-month warranty, and a 14-day full-refund return if you change your mind.  Come and try them out - I am located in Devonport.  Drop me an email to fix a time.

Davidson G7 Vintage 6V6 guitar amp
G3 guitar tube amplifier
G4 guitar valve amp

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