Guitar Tube Amps

If you are looking for an authentic tube sound in a classic vintage cabinet, these hand-made, all-valve, point-to-point hand-wired amps should be of interest. 

Why do tube amps sound different from solid state amps? 

Most of my amps are built using a vintage radio chassis and cabinet. (No vintage radios were harmed as they were beyond repair anyway).  They look cool, and they are special inside too. The valves used in some of the amps are different from the usual 12AX7.  

Why use 'unusual' valves?

Each valve type makes a subtly different contribution to the tonal quality of the amp.  And each valve has been carefully biased for optimal tone.  Result - each amp has a unique tonal character.  

Come and try them out - drop me an email.

G3 guitar tube amplifier
G4 guitar valve amp
Guitar preamp using 6AT6 valves