Restored vintage radios for sale

All the radios shown on this page are genuine vintage radios  (AM only) which have been restored to working order. 


All have been carefully electrically overhauled, and are guaranteed for 6 months. In addition, if you are not fully satisfied with your radio, simply return it for a full refund up to 14 days from purchase.

In most cases, a line input (AUX) socket can be added to play from an MP3 player, bluetooth receiver or other device. All radios are tested and tagged to comply with NZ safety standards.

To view and listen to any of these radios, just drop me an email to arrange a time. I am based in Devonport, Auckland, New Zealand.

James Davidson                                          


The Gulbransen 07A was made in the USA by Wells-Gardner in1934. It is a 7-valve broadcast band superhet, with an 8-inch speaker. This set has a distinctive art-deco styled cabinet , with the original speaker cloth and wooden knobs.  There are some borer holes on the right side panel as shown (now treated for borer).  It performs well, with good reception and tone. 

Dimensions (cm): height 48, width 40, depth 32.   $290.


Mid-century magic! The Ultimate model RBG is a 4-valve superhet made in Auckland in 1951. The typical 1950s  styled bakelite cabinet is in perfect condition.  So retro! Nice tone, good reception. Dimensions (cm): height 18, width 30, depth 16. $160


This is a 6-valve superhet manufactured in New Zealand by Collier and Beale in 1936. The handsome art deco styled cabinet is in good condition. Reception is excellent, with a lovely tone from the 8-inch speaker. There is a small imperfection on the dial, as shown in the photo. Dimensions (cm): height 52, width 38, depth 24.  $270.


Made in New Zealand by Westco about 1940, this is a 5-valve superhet with an 8-inch speaker which sounds great. The styling is classic 1940's. A line input (AUX) socket has been added so you can play music from an iphone , ipad, bluetooth receiver or other device. 

Dimensions (cm): height 32, width 50, depth 26. $180.

BELL COLT (1954)

The Bell Colt is a Kiwi classic. It came in plastic cabinets of various colours, and also in a solid wood cabinet, like this one. It is a 5-valve superhet, and sounds great. 

Dimensions (cm): Height 20, width 32, depth 17.   $160


This 5-valve superhet was made by Radio (1936) Ltd. of Auckland in 1934 . The wooden cabinet with its attractive fretwork and art deco dial, is in very good condition. It has a lovely tone. 

Dimensions (cm): Height 29, width 43, depth 22. $195.

RCA T8-14  (USA, 1935)

This strikingly beautiful wood veneer cabinet houses an 8-valve superhet chassis. The cabinet with is in good condition apart from a small piece of missing veneer as shown.  The deep red dial is totally gorgeous.  It has an 8-inch speaker with a lovely tone. 

Dimensions (cm): Height 50, width 41, depth 30. $350.